The Bricklayer

Genre: TV Action, Thriller

About the Film

The film follows Steve Vail (Aaron Eckhart), a former CIA agent also known as “Bricklayer”, who is forced to return to active duty to confront a former colleague who has begun murdering journalists, responsibility to the CIA. His action pits the US against an international standoff, and Vail along with agent Kate Bannon (Nina Dobrev) travel to Greece, specifically Thessaloniki, to track down and stop the culprit. Along the way, Vail is forced to confront his dark past while an international conspiracy unfolds that threatens to throw world relations into even greater turmoil.

Our VFX Contribution

Midnight VFX was responsible for delivering almost 450 shots in a time span of 3.5 months. We dealt with many vfx tasks such as the 3D recreation of Philadelphia, full CG shots, crowd replication, set extensions, bluescreens, muzzle flashes, blood hits, wire removals, explosion enhancements and much more. The biggest achievement for our team was that we managed to finish this project on time since we were asked to change the full set extension concept in the first and a half month and we needed to figure out a solution to deliver in time without reducing the quality of our work in the specific budget.

Before – After