Nikolas Kanellopoulos - VFX Supervisor and Founder

Having been robustly active in the filmmaking process since 2013, and involved in a variety of demanding projects where he successfully performed different roles (being an editor, a camera operator and steadycam operator, and an on-set supervisor), Nikolas has developed an excellent eye for detail, colour and lightning as well as a comprehensive awareness of the diverse challenges on set. To further advance his skills, he received extensive training on Nuke compositing and took on exciting projects that equipped him with the necessary expertise to contribute more of his talent to filmmaking. As a digital compositor, Nikolas was trusted by leading production companies for a variety of internationally acclaimed series, such as the House of the Dragon, Andor, Becoming Elizabeth, Westworld, Taken, The Magicians, etc.

He has also actively participated in the production of films such as Shazam 2, The Northman, The Enforcer, Smyrna. His responsibilities included CG & Deep compositing, difficult cleanup shots, compositing big sequences and live footage elements, keying as well as set supervision. Performing under demanding conditions has furnished him with a discerning sense of the possible challenges and opportunities offered in each project.
Through Midnight VFX, Nikolas and his team aspire to offer an unparalleled set of services that will revolutionize imagery in VFX industry.


The Flash

Shazam! Fury of the Gods


House of the Dragon

The Northman


Becoming Elizabeth

The Enforcer

Me Time





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