Genre: Featured Film, Action, Crime, Drama

Production Companies

Born to Burn Films, Millenium Media Group, Millenium Media, Nu Boyana Film Studios


VFX Supervisor 

Nikolas Kanellopoulos


2D Department 

George Pavlou, Iasonas Meintanis, Eva Chatzi

About the Film

In this heart-pounding action thriller, Miami’s top mob enforcer, Cuda (Antonio Banderas), finds himself on a relentless mission to tear down the criminal empire he’s dedicated his life to building. The clock is ticking as he discovers a horrifying truth: his boss, Estelle (Kate Bosworth), is endangering the life of a young runaway. With only three months to make a difference, Cuda must confront his own past and seek redemption, both for himself and his family, before the mob closes in on him for the ultimate betrayal.

Our VFX Contribution

Our team at Midnight VFX is proud to contribute as a supportive VFX Studio. We’ve worked tirelessly to deliver a total of 60 shots with a wide range of VFX enhancements, including clean-ups, blood additions, muzzle flashes and CG integration in just 1 month.

Join us on this thrilling journey as we showcase our VFX prowess and our contribution to the captivating world of this movie. Explore our VFX breakdown and before-after glimpses into the making of this remarkable film.

Before – After