Compositor – Film & Episodic

Job description
Compositors at Midnight VFX work closely with VFX Supervisors to composite the numerous
elements that complete a visual effect shot.

The work will vary from blue/green screen extractions to complex CG integration. Taking part in
client reviews and daily sessions, our Compositors follow production methodologies and develop
creative approaches to problem-solving.

Skills and Requirements

1. Software Skills
Mastery of industry-standard compositing software Nuke

2. Visual Effects Knowledge
Strong understanding of visual effects principles, including keying, rotoscoping, matte painting, and integration of 3D elements into live-action footage.

3. Green/Blue Screen and Tracking
Experience with green/blue screen keying and tracking techniques to seamlessly integrate elements into footage.

4. 3D Integration
Ability to work with 3D assets and match move them into live-action scenes.

5. Color Grading
Knowledge of color correction and grading to ensure consistent and visually appealing results.

6. Attention to Detail
A critical eye for detail and the ability to create realistic and high-quality VFX composites that match the project’s visual style.

7. Collaboration
Effective communication and collaboration skills to work closely with directors, supervisors, and other members of the VFX team.

8. Problem-Solving
Strong problem-solving skills to address technical and artistic challenges that arise during the compositing process.

9. Time Management
Ability to work under tight deadlines and manage multiple VFX shots or sequences simultaneously.

10. Creativity
An artistic and creative mindset to contribute to the overall visual storytelling of the project through VFX

Candidates should provide a portfolio that showcases their previous VFX compositing work, including breakdowns of their contributions to projects.

At Midnight VFX, we believe in creative collaboration and are looking for someone who is committed to it as well. If you’re ready to join a dynamic team and be a part of something great, we encourage you to apply for this exciting opportunity in Midnight VFX

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