After the Fire

Genre: TV Series, Drama

Production Company

 Tanweer Productions


VFX Supervisor 

Nikolas Kanellopoulos


VFX Production 

Manos Gialeris


2D Department 

George Eleftheriou, George Pavlou, Apostolis Koutselopoulos, Efraim Kanellopoulos


3D Department 

Tony Topouzidis, Nasos Petrovic, Theo Sarris

About the Series

Three women, after a devastating fire, will try to rebuild their lives and follow their true desires. Will they manage to find true happiness? On their way, they will meet four men who will play an important role in their journey. Ares and Alexander will pursue them, deceive them and try to destroy them. Odysseus and Nikos will give them their hand, they will be next to them and they will truly love them.

Our VFX Contribution

Midnight VFX significantly contributed to the successful premiere of “After the Fire” by delivering 80 VFX shots within just one month for the first two episodes. Our skilled team was challenged to integrate fire elements with the live action shots and special effects. That was a special challenge that pushed us into creating numerous tools in order to enhance the series’ visual quality, underscoring the transformative impact of VFX in contemporary television. Our dedication and expertise were crucial to the show’s achievement.

Before – After